BellRock is a human scale workshop based in Europe but inspired by all continents, especially western american lands. All materials are natural. As each stone is unique, each BellRock piece is unique.

I could tell you how much i appreciate your visit, and that's what i really think, but i'd rather prefer to invite you let me know what's your feeling. Don't hesitate to let me some nice comments on facebook or instagram.

Have someting to ask? You wanna know what's next piece? You may think you miss a thing or would like to know if it's gonna fit? Sizes, stones, special event? Best thing to do is to contact me on facebook or send an email at

Hello & Welcome

thank you for your visit

Some place to get lost

all stones are from these lands

Infinite space

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French story:

Bla bla bla... A kind of

Rock and Chic

Whatever the dress code. Reckless ode...


A bit of America, a bit of ethnic, a bit of boho chic.

Raw materials

Because natural things are prettiest and better for everyone.